Ryan holds a vibrant celebration



Ryan holds a vibrant celebration


Programme started at sharp 8.00 am with flag hoisting by Merchant Navi Mr. Manoj Mishra and other dignitaries and special invitee parents to the melodious tunes of National Anthem.  This was followed by pledge and flag song by Ryan and Xavier’s students.  All the guests [16 from Ryan] took salute of March past of both the schools.  This was followed by tree plantation by the guest.

Cultural programme began, with Ryan Tradition of seeking Lord’s blessings.  A Ryan welcome and a felicitation through potted plants were rendered.  Highlights of programme included skit, pyramid, rope skipping, aerobics, lezim dance, patriotic song,  patriotic dance, and folk dance display and a rhythmic closing chorus “Sukriya”.  All guests were highly impressed by the spirit of students of theme of integrity and unity presented through the cultural prograame specially the skit.

Host family parents who had hosted Russian and Iceland delegation were felicitated with a gift. Programme ended at 10.30 am.  Guests were offered refreshments.  Feedback documented in VIP register. Two interviews by YJs was conducted. Dispersal of students was till 11.500 am. Chocolates were distributed. ICPLEX covered the shooting. Overall, A well organized and systematic program.


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