Change yourself first

Thinking of change society without changing yourself is mere a dream, if you dare to change yourself, rest will take place automatically.osho


Osho Prabhakar exclusive talks





“Human mind is the supreme power, which is responsible for any act we do, not the soul as some people understand…” Oshodhara’s senior acharya Osho Prabhakar while visited Mumbai, reveals this mystery and more in an exclusive talk…




Rebellious Flower earned 23 CR in 3 days




Rebellious Flower an OSHO film earned 23 CR in mere 3 days

‘ओशो रजनीश’ की बाल्यावस्था से किशोरावस्था तक की कहानी है ‘रेबेलियस फ्लावर

‘रेबेलियस फ्लावर’, ‘ओशो रजनीश’ पर आधारित एक फिल्म है, अगर आपको लगता है कि‍ यह फिल्म उस ओशो रजनीश की बात कहती है, जो सेक्स, पावर स्ट्रगल और विवादों के लिए जाने जाते थे, तो आप गलत हैं. यह फिल्म, ओशो की बा.ल्यावस्था की कहानी है.

ओशो 70 और 80 के दशक में देश-विदेश तक अपने सिद्धांतो के लिए जाने जाते थे, अमेरिका के प्रेसिडेंट रोनाल्ड रीगन ने उस जमाने में ‘ओशो’ को ‘तड़ीपार’ घोषित कर दिया था क्योंकि ओशो के फॉलोवर्स ने अमेरिका की एक बंजर जमीन को ‘रजनीशपुरम’ नामक शहर में तब्दील कर दिया था. ओशो के फॉलोवर्स की ताकत सिर्फ देश में ही नहीं, बल्कि विदेशों तक बहुत ज्यादा हुआ करती थी. लेकिन ‘रेबेलियस फ्लावर’ उस ओशो की कहानी नहीं है जिसने ‘संभोग से समाधि तक’ जैसी किताब लिखी.

‘रेबेलियस फ्लावर’ मुंबई के समीप ‘पुणे’ में स्थित ओशो सन्यासी डॉक्टर स्वामी जगदीश भारती की देख रेख में बनाई गयी है, ओशो की गैर आधि‍कारिक बायोग्राफी को स्क्रीनप्ले में बखूबी उतारने का काम जगदीश भारती ने किया है. हालांकि फिल्म के डायरेक्टर कृशन हूडा हैं, जो एक ओशो फॉलोवर तो नहीं हैं लेकिन उन्होंने फिल्म को ओशो के बाल्यावस्था के मद्देनजर जीवंत जरूर किया है.

‘रेबेलियस फ्लावर’ कहानी है उस ओशो की जिसने अपने ‘बाल्यावस्था’ में ऐसे सवाल पूछे, जिसका जवाब काफी मुश्किल हुआ करता था. ओशो नेधर्म के प्रचारक से जुड़े कई सवाल पूछे जिसका जवाब किसी के पास नहीं था.

फिल्म में चाइल्ड एक्टर प्रिंस शाह बचपन के ओशो के किरदार में हैं वहीं शशांक शेखर ने किशोरावस्था के ओशो का किरदार निभाया है. ओशो की जिंदगी में तीन बाबाओं (मग्गा बाबा, पग्गल बाबा और मस्तो बाबा) का अहम रोल था, जिसे एक्टर मंत्रा ने निभाया है.

फिल्म को देश विदेश में कई फिल्म समारोहों में दिखाया जा चुका है, तो अगर आपको अध्यात्म में यकीन है, एक साफ सुथरी और छोटे बालक के सवालों पर आधारित फिल्म देखना चाहते हैं और ओशो की जिंदगी से जुड़ी कई अनकही बातों के बारे में जानने की इच्छा रखते हैं तो आप यह फिल्म देख सकते हैं.

Congratulations to Osho Lovers in the world For Record breaking collection of Movie Rebellious Flower- It collected 23 Crores.
It is record in multiple ways
Movie made with cost of less than Rs. 3 crore
No famous actors- No Khans, Kapoors, Bacchans, Akshay or Ritik.
No known heroine – No Katrina, Karina, Priyanka, Vidya, Sonakshi, Deepika,
No famous production house- No Yash Chopra or Red Chili
No famous directors
No famous song writers
No famous singer-
No famous musician- No Rehman
No presentation on Multiple theaters- only about 70 theaters (menas many people would have travelled to other cities to watch it)
It has not got even high ratings on sites!
Even No sensational or dramatic story !!
(Because it is made on early life of Osho, most of dramatic events of life of Osho have happened only after his enlightenment, including attempts to murder him and poisoning in US Jail and moving for landing space in 24 countries and so many sensational things have happened only in later part of his life)
Presented only in India!
No international presentation or collection.
Yet it made so far Rs.23 Crores
And it will make still more with TV rights and other rights!
Congrats Jagdish Bharati. Jai Osho.
And congrats and thanks to Osho lovers!


Tochi Raina sings for Osho Devotees and Sanyasins  





Noted playback singer Tochi Raina sings for Osho Sanyasins in a Dhyan Concert at Maa Osho Kripa Dhyan Kendra, Andheri-(W), Mumbai. On the occasion of nirvana diwas of paramguru Osho’s father Swami Devteerth Bharatiji and Osho Siddharthji (Bade Baba) birthday, Maa Osho Kripa (Sarita Maa) organized a unique spiritual musical extravaganza Dhyan-in-Concert at her Dhyan Kendra in 7-Bangalow, Andheri-west, Mumbai. Osho devotees from different parts of the city participated in the spiritual event. Neeru Maa narrated a brief introduction of Tochi Raina famous bollywood playback singer to people present there and told why-n-how this celebration was done well before to Bade Baba’s birthday (Sep 23, 2015) in advance. Playback singer Tochi Raina visited there with his band –Bandagi and rendered various numbers by heart for Osho devotees, followers and Osho lovers.

About Tochi Raina

A man dedicated to his work.. The Soul dedicated to God.. The artist dedicated to Music & his Fans.. Highly Spiritual and Marvelously Talented Tochi Raina

Tochi Raina belongs to a small place Patiala (Punjab). His grandmother was Sitar player, Uncle Ratan Singh was renowned Violin player and his grandfather Akaali Kaur Singh was saint. His learning experience extends upto 28 years in all kinds of music forms i.e., singing, instrument playing, composing, etc. He learned music since his childhood but the right direction he got only in 1981. His Gurus taught him not only music but also to see breath, gradually he saw words by which his thought got enlightened and by doing such he didn’t know when did he turn into Spirituality and Sufi music. He is very much grateful to all his Gurus but his first Guru Late Pt. Vinod Kumar (disciple of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan) who got Tansen Award at the age of 19, is very close to Tochi’s heart who showed him the exact path. He has also learned from Ustad Bhure Khan, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Altaf Hussain Sarang, Pt. Mani Prasad and Pt. Sitaram. During his professional journey he has worked for Jingles, Musical Shows for TV, Hindi Films, Stage Shows etc and gradually got recognition.

Wish you a happy Birthday Dear Ravi

Wish you a Happy Birthday Dear Ravi. Many many returns of the day….


Wish you a very Happy Birthday Dear Ravi Taunk on this day of 24th August 2015, when you turns 33 years of your invaluable and precious life. Congratulations for all your achievements, awards and accolades. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or where will the two of us be. But today I just want you to know that you have given me such amazing moments with you that I will never ever be able to forget you even for one tiny second. Thank you best friend! Happy Birthday.

Wishing you happiness
To welcome each morning,
Wishing you laughter
To make your heart sing.

Wishing you friendship
Sharing and caring,
And all of the joy
The birthday can bring!

There couldn’t be a better day
To take a chance to say,
That you are wished a joy and luck
Be happy everyday!

People who care for me as a friend are just friends. You are a best friend because you care for me as if you were caring for yourself, Happy birthday. Happy Birthday to the best friend I ever had. Let’s celebrate this special day of your life and party like there’s no tomorrow. It feels amazing to have a friend like you in my life. Have a happy and fun-filled Birthday, buddy!
Friends… The only thing you could never have too many of! Thank you for being my friend. May all your birthday wishes come true!

Friendship is not something that is written on paper, because paper can be torn. It is neither something that can be written on a rock, for even a rock can break. But it is written on the heart of a person, and it stays there forever. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way, my friend!

Life is boring when you are not around.
Happy Birthday to you – let’s make it grand!